ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- For the three college students, there are times when they find themselves walking alone.

“It’s getting darker earlier and hard to avoid,” says Danielle Appleget.

But thanks to new technology, that walk alone doesn’t have to be so scary.

But, they were told about some new technology that could make their walks safer.

“It’s a really long time coming I think,” says Appleget.

The technology comes in the form of apps. First up, an app called bsafe.

“This is my location now,” says Appleget. “I can call her, tell her my location. Here, I am going to alert her. I can turn it off and then it will call her.”

The her she is referring to is her friend, Hannah.

“I got a text message saying SOS alarm. It will tell me Danielle’s location,” says Hannah. “It shows you their exact coordinates too. Yeah, that’s crazy’

Then there is the app called, Lifeline.

“I’m holding my thumb down. You can move it around when you lift up. After alarm, you put in code and if you don’t it will call police,” says Appleget.

“Apps can work along with several other factors,” says Rick Shaw with the St. Petersburg Police Department. “Be aware of surroundings. If you see someone suspicious, take note of it, trust gut instincts. If something doesn’t seem right, don’t go toward it.”

The three college students say the apps are something they will now use. They agree it will add comfort when walking alone.

The bsafe app is free and the Lifeline app costs about $5 a month.