It's a pain at the pump. Close to 300 credit card skimmers have been found in gas pumps around the state. The solution is remarkably simple: Security seals.

Think of when you buy medication and it has a seal so you know nobody has opened it, well, these stickers work the same way. If the seal is broken, we all know somebody was able to get inside the pump.

By October 1st, every gas station will have to have a seal on each pump.

Some stations may choose to step up security even further: By adding better locks and technology that would shut down the gas pump if it's opened.

Even though you may be in a rush, taking just a few seconds to check the pump before putting in your card can save you from a lot of heartache. The average amount stolen from every credit card is $1,100 and each skimmer can store information from about 100 credit cards.

"Somebody tried to use it in Chicago at a hip hop clothing store. So, I'm like not very hip hop," said Robert Draper who has had his credit card number stolen before.

But this new law also makes sure crooks will pay. It increases the penalty to a second degree felony and makes the crime easier to prosecute.

"Anything that's going to make me feel more secure when I use my card, I'm definitely for," said driver Phillip Garrett.

Cash is still the only way to beat skimmers. Law enforcement also recommends when you fill up, go to the cashier to pay.