TAMPA, FL -- Emotions are running high in America. This divisive election season has many taking to the streets and protesting the results.

But, tears of joy flowed Thursday as dozens became U.S. citizens.

“I'm so proud of being in America, I want to support this country because this country opened the door for me,” said Saiaoska Petit from Venezuela.

“I want everybody in this country to stay united, I don't want this country divided, you know, because we need to stay together.”

Her positive outlook far exceeds disdain from a polarizing president-elect. That’s the same case for Rayko Fernandez from Cuba, who waited ten years to represent the stars and stripes.

“I feel happy to be an American citizen and it's no problem. Trump as the president, or whatever it is, it's America,” he said.

Juliette Cameron also waited ten years to become a citizen and would've voted in this election had Hurricane Hermine not closed the immigration office two months ago.

“Regardless of who's president right now, it's always going to move forward in a positive way I believe and I'm very happy to be a part of it.”

No matter where they're from or why they came, it's special to hear they feel welcome.

“Now it's my country and now our country,” Petit added.

Altogether, 42 people from 15 different countries became new U.S. citizens. They were less worried about who's going to occupy the White House and happy to call America home.