CLEARWATER, Fla. (WTSP) -- Tampa Bay is about to have even more room for tourists. Our partners at the Tampa Bay Times report at least 27 hotels are in the works in our area. Nine of those will be along Clearwater Beach.

“Now I'm thinking you're taking away from why people come to the beach, so that would be too much,” said Jeanette Pereira, who lives in Spring Hill but visits the beach regularly.

Peter Hamilton, a tourist from the UK, doesn’t mind hotels that could block views.

“Tourism brings money to the area, doesn't it?” he said.

Kristen Mann lives in the North Beach neighborhood, tucked away from the traffic and congestion near Pier 60.

“I wish they could come up with invisible paint or something,” she joked.

Mann misses the beach views, but she sees the pros of having more hotels too. It keeps tourists at bay, and she says it keeps her neighborhood quiet, because there aren't as many people looking for rentals on Airbnb.

“Then you end up with sort of a rowdy crowd next door, you always have different neighbors,” she explained.

She hopes those people stay on the south end, where developers think there's still room to add more to this skyline.

The hotel boom is expected to add about 4,000 rooms across the area, according to the Tampa Bay Times.