PALM HARBOR, Fla. -- Florida is known for hurricanes. Florida is also known for their senior population.

On Thursday, Rob Shaw called 10News Reporter Liz Crawford after his dad's facility was on Day 6 without power.

Highland Lakes Assisted Living in St. Mark Village lost power Saturday just before Hurricane Irma barreled through the area.

Shaw is concerned for his 84-year-old father, Jack Shaw.

Thursday, Rob came to pick him up to get him out of the hot building and into air conditioning at his house, but Jack will only stay at Rob’s during the day.

Jack has dementia and prefers to be in a familiar environment, especially when he goes to bed.

On Wednesday, Highland Lakes Assisted Living set up spot coolers. The administrator, Sheila Kynion said the facility had cooled down a bit Thursday compared to Wednesday.

A Duke Energy spokesperson told 10News they make senior facilities a priority when they restore power but the facility should let the Emergency Operation Center know they're out of power then the EOC has to alert Duke Energy.

Kynion said they've been in communication with their local EOC a lot over the last few days.