SARASOTA, Fla.-- The Girl Scouts of America have come out with a warning to parents, not to force their daughters to hug everyone. The Girl Scouts say in the future girls may think physical attention is how to show appreciation for a kind deed.

“I don’t think little girls or boys owe anyone a hug,” says Cindy Regnier. She’s spending the day at Payne Park in downtown Sarasota with her daughter and 2-year-old granddaughter. “I want to put her in a little bubble and keep her safe forever,” says Cindy of her granddaughter Sabrina.

“You have to watch them watch their reaction with other people. Go with your gut instinct, let them go with their gut instinct…they know if it’s not right, then it’s not right,” added Kerry.

Cindy suggested, “a handshake…fist bump…or high-five!”

“I agree with Girls Scouts, the problem is you don’t want to make the child paranoid or scared,” said Dr. Eddie Regnier, family psychologist. “The child wants to do it, fine. If the child does not want to and resists it, leave the child alone. The child needs to learn his or her affection is their choice, not our choice,” said Reginier.

Psychologists say the Girl Scouts warning is a good reminder to start talking to your kids early about the difference between good touch and bad touch. This way, if there is a problem, they’ll tell you about it.

Kerry said, “It takes a village to raise a child. But the village is scary now. Outside your door, you don’t know your neighbor, you can’t trust anybody.”