They pull up fast. And unload everything from huge tree chunks to furniture.

"Oh a sofa that's the worst kind of trash to dump," said Don Noto.

Then, two men in a black SUV with a light-colored rear door dump a sofa and other junk in Pasco County.

"They should be caught," Noto said.

"It looks like bits of broken furniture and garbage," said Anna Small, who has the same problem on her rural road and seeing video like this makes her angry.

"It really does especially since you can take it to the county dump," said Small.

So if these two men would have taken the sofa and other items to the county landfill it would have cost about $5 to get rid of them. But since there is a $500 fine per item illegally dumped these guys are looking at upwards of a $2,500 fine if they're caught.

"They deserve it," said Michael Horton.

The county has been planting cameras in known problem spots for a couple of years, but it needs the public's help identifying these latest dumpers.

"We're going to use every method we can to prosecute them if they're dumping illegally in Pasco County," said Mike Garrett, Pasco public works director.

Once again there's a man in a white Ford truck. This guy tosses logs. And the two men ditching an old sofa, all caught on camera.

Garrett said, "Judges will only prosecute somebody if you have proof so we need to identify the person positively and we have the video."

"I think it's a great idea," Small said.

Bottom line: The county is watching and hoping to charge anyone caught illegal dumping.

The Pasco County Litterbug Tip Line -- (727) 247-0567 -- is for reporting illegal dumping violations seen in these videos only.

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