This Friday is Good Friday, a religious holiday for Christians. Every school district in the Bay Area will be closed that day, except one.  Pasco County Schools will be open Friday and it's the first time they've held classes on this particular religious holiday in 5 years. 
According to our partners at the Tampa Bay Times, Superintendent Kurt Browning said the schools close for Good Friday when it coincides with spring break.  That didn't happen this year.  He went on to say that the district needs to educate all children, but if any student needs or wants to observe any religious holiday, it will be an excused absence.
That didn't keep parents from being upset, especially those from a local catholic church who sent emails to the district calling it discrimination.  
Jeanie remembers when Hillsborough County schools stayed open on Good Friday. She commented about this story on the Tampa Bay Times Facebook page. She said in part "It's just fiscally irresponsible to have school open.  Sub bus drivers needed because of the one who take off, sub teachers needed, half or more of the kids absent.  You don't even need to go into the religious aspects."
Other commenters did bring up religion, Amber said: "This is Passover week. Kids are in school. Does that mean they are discriminating against Jews? If you want religion to dictate your kids school days, send them to a religious based private school."
And finally, Stephanie brought up what may be the obvious: "Ok, this has been on the calendar since last May and now you're up in arms? Pay attention to things. If you're against this, don't send your kids to school."
This may not be the end of the discussion, according to the Times, the Pasco School Board approved next year's calendar back in November and at this point, schools in Pasco will be open on Good Friday in 2018.