"Extremely passionate, parents are looking for solutions," said Christine Stahl.

So passionate that parents want to take on more taxes to keep their kids from being rezoned from Mitchell High School and Seven Springs Middle School due to overcrowding..

"It's something that I would consider," a Mitchell High parent said.

Stahl said, "Personally myself I am willing."

It's called an Educational Facilities Benefits District, and it would tax a zoned area and the money would go to adding on to existing schools or even building new ones.

Stahl said, "We feel it's an idea worth exploring."

Stahl shows up to board meetings to get her message across: Delay a rezoning vote or give parents a different option.

"We are certainly open to the idea," said Deputy Superintendent Ray Gadd, who says he's heard of something like this happening only twice in Florida but in both cases -- the tax was put into place before the community was even developed.

"How you go back after the fact and do it I don't know how you do that," said Gadd.

Perhaps the hardest thing about getting this idea to actually work is according to the state statute you would have to get 100 percent of the folks living in the district to approve it.

"Taxes -- they're high enough right now so I can't see myself being a retiree paying more," said Ed Sikora.

"I think it depends how vested people are in their community and how they see the benefit as a whole the growth is unheard of that we are seeing and it's going to continue," Stahl said.

Stahl says more taxes is a small price to pay.

"They are part of the community at the school that they grew up in," said Stahl.

When trying to keep your family and community together.

The district says while the taxing idea doesn't exactly fit for existing schools it is certainly interested in hearing from developers that want to build new neighborhoods and that could guarantee certain schools for the future.

There will be another parent meeting Nov. 14th at River Ridge High School at 11646 Town Center Road, New Port Richey.

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