"Have you had any issues here in Pasco County?"

"No, I have not."

But, that wasn't the case for 16-year-old Levi Fallavollita when he was just 11 and living in Arizona.

"A kid actually threatened to bring a gun to school and shoot me," Levi said.

Levi learned first-hand what it felt like to be fearful of his peers.

"That's when I told my parents everything because it was really serious for me," said Levi.

Law enforcement got involved and the threat was taken care of. That's when Levi knew he could make a difference.

"I'm really happy that I did speak up and that's kind of why I wrote my book," said Levi.

He wrote the first of two anti-bullying books called "The Good The Bad and The Bullies" complete with illustrations and lessons for kids.

"I held a book signing and kids would come out and share stories with me talking about how they were victims of violence and they would also ask me for advice," Levi said.

His book signing got the attention of Arizona politicians.

"Congressman Ron Barber in Arizona was attacked with guns, the same with Gabriel Giffords," Levi said.

He was invited to speak on the floor of Congress, where he received a special congressional recognition. In 2013 he wrote his next book called "Be Courageous," sharing the bullying stories of other kids.

"I thought that was really good because they could be hearing other peoples' stories and know they are not alone," Levi said.

Levi then moved to the United Kingdom where he won the International Diana Award for outstanding contributions to the community for "Be Courageous."

"I wanted to get the word out because when I was going through this kind of situation there wasn't a whole lot of material for me to go to," Levi said.

Now a junior at Mitchell High School Levi says he plans to keep spreading the word so anyone facing bullies knows they have somewhere to turn.

Levi's books can be found on Amazon.com.