"Laptop and foul weather gear in case we end up in the field," said Leigh Cowan.

Working in extreme conditions is nothing new for Cowan.

"I actually used to drive a ship in Alaska for NOAA," Cowan said.

She's only been with Pasco Emergency Services for 8 weeks, but is eager to bring back experiences to share here at home.

"I'm looking to soak it all up I'm looking forward to learning more about mitigation within the state and working with the state and other counties in Florida," said Cowan.

"My sleeping bag my pillow," said Monica Santiago, who has 4 years' emergency management and is a pharmacy tech with the Air Force.

"Learning from the experience that they have had in various incidence and brining that experience back here and apply it to our county," said Santiago.

"We will be able to help them provide coordination for them of a variety of resources that they might need there," said Laura Black, who is headed back to the area she came from to help and bring knowledge back to protect Pasco.

"Extremely important just makes us a much better ability to respond and recover if something should happen here," said Black.

The trio will be deployed for about a week. If it's determined more help is needed Pasco has three more emergency services personnel ready to take their place.