"Shake, shake good boy."

He’s a dog that has skills.

"He gets passed by," said Jessica Moksay, Adoption Coordinator with Pasco Animal Services.

But, for five months the folks at Pasco Animal Services have been struggling to find this guy a home.

"He’s a senior dog," Moksay said.

It's something that could be up for debate.

"He’s not as cute as others," she replied.

Again up for debate. This seven-year-old boy came in as a stray and someone at the shelter named him Clinton.

I asked if Clinton's name had an effect on his adoption status.

"Maybe recently with the politics, yes," Moksay.said.

Oddly with a name like Clinton he does tend to lean to the right, sometimes, she added.

"When you name animals constantly you just kind of pick something out of the air. No Trumps here? No, surprisingly. There’s been some Donald’s, but no Trumps.

I asked if there were any Hillary’s? Yes. How do they do?

"They’re not here," Moksay said.

No one’s really sure why such a cute, well-mannered dog is having such a ruff (misspelling intentional) go getting adopted.

"He’s friendly he wants to play; he gets along with other dogs," Moksay said.

Clinton's passed his physical.

"He’s very healthy, microchipped, neutered and he’s ready to go," Moskay said..

In all seriousness, Clinton doesn’t need your vote what he needs is for you to go to our 10News Facebook page and click a like or a share so we can find Clinton his forever new home before next Tuesday’s election.