The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention strongly recommends young children, the elderly and those with chronic diseases get the flu shot.

But some people swear the shot gives them the flu or makes them sick. Many people are sounding off on our Facebook page.

Brandin suffers from debilitating seizures. His mom, Renee, says the seizures started a few months after he got a flu vaccination. That's why she is strongly against anyone in her family getting the shot. "I believe in safety and efficacy and unfortunately it's not safe and it's not effective." It's been several years now since they've had a flu shot and Renee says they haven't gotten the flu.

Chelsea Borelli is just the opposite. She says she makes sure her kids get the shot every year. "Well I'm big on vaccines and I think every child should have one as they're around tons of other children and germs all the time." They have also never gotten the flu.

People aren't shy when it comes to this topic, especially on social media. Rosemary writes on the 10 news Facebook page "No one in my family gets the flu shot. It's poison into your system."

But Heather says " Neither I nor my 4 children have suffered ill effects from the flu and we've gotten the shots for years. Now, what I did suffer before that was a good two weeks of misery."

Finally, there are people that walk the line on this issue. Debbie Chancey thinks the elderly should get the flu vaccine, but she chooses not to. "I don't really get sick that often and I still feel healthwise I'm pretty good, so I don't."

And some people that commented didn't really have an opinion one way or the other and are just squeamish when it comes to needles.