Macon Ross shared openly and honestly on 10News about his sexual attraction to children and why he says he has never acted on it as an adult.

His story is uncomfortable.

When we tried to put together a panel to react to his story, almost a dozen parents said no. Law enforcement agencies declined because Ross has never been charged or convicted of a crime. Therapists did not return our calls.

Two parents, a mom and a dad, agreed. They wanted to know what Ross had to say and how it might help them in protecting their children from people who do act on their attraction to children and molest.

Janie Porter is a mother of three and runs the parenting site,

Chris Sutton is a father of three, former law enforcement and the creator of C.O.B.R.A Self-Defense System. His programs are taught around the world.

The two watched our story with Macon Ross. At times it was difficult for them to hear. Ross is adamant that he’s never sexually assaulted a child as an adult. 10News dug into his past and found no evidence that he has ever been charged or convicted of a crime against a child.

“He's not a pedophile by definition of law and that's what's scary because there's no tool out there for me to know where he is,” said Porter.

Porter says with her young sons she is very protective of where they go, keeping them in her sight and being aware of who is around in public.

“It’s so scary and I really feel that with my kids all being under five the only option is not letting them out of my sight. Which is, like you (Chris Sutton) say, is completely not possible at all in the long run, but I don’t think they would stand a chance,” said Porter.

Sutton was quick to point out that you should never underestimate your children.

“You’d be surprised!” he told Porter.

“Kids can learn small acronyms: Scream, Attack, and Escape. They learn really quick. If a nine-month-old can learn how to swim, a five-year-old can identify this is an unnatural feeling and what to do, how to anchor, how to access the targets on this guy because the only important people in the world are mommy and daddy,” said Sutton.

Ross told us he does not want to be attracted to children, but cannot help his attraction. Pedophilia by definition is a mental disorder although Ross says the reason he doesn’t offend is because of his faith in God and the consequences he would face with the law.

He shared details about the places he avoids, what triggers his attraction to children and what intimidates him.

“I try not to go to pools. I try not to go to beaches,” he said.

Ross also says if a parent looks him in the eye, it intimidates him.

“That resonates. Absolutely!” said Porter. “When you look them in the eye and you tell them with your eyes, ‘I got you. I see you.’ I think that’s very powerful.”

“He hunted you down to give you this information, so there’s a motive behind it,” said Sutton. Sutton says regardless of the motive, the information is valuable to parents.

“He’s exactly right as far as how these guys think. You know, ‘Don’t let them out of your sight. This is what I think about. I suppress the urges.’ Many of them don’t,” he said.

Sutton says Ross is someone the public never hears about because he, as Ross claims, has never hurt a child.

He believes taking these tips and adding to them will only help keep your children safe.

Sutton teaches self-defense to children.

His top three pieces of advice:

  • Get your child some form of training so they know how to protect themselves
  • Scream, Attack, Escape
  • Strengthen your child’s chain of custody. Log their daily routine and see where there are any weak links. If you find a place where there could be an opportunity for a criminal, like walking to the bus stop, change that.

For more information on C.O.B.R.A Self-Defense and classes for your child, click here.