ST. PETERSBURG — A new study out by Pew Research found something that may surprise you about the relationship between politics and higher education. The researchers say a majority of Republicans surveyed believe colleges and Universities are hurting the country.

So 10News political reporter Mark Rivera went to a "college Republican" to answer the big question: why would higher education hurt the U.S.?

Jozef Gherman is a University of South Florida-St. Pete grad. He was the student body president. He's 23 years old, and yeah, he sees where 58 percent of Republicans are coming from.

RIVERA: Republicans said that higher learning institutes hurt the country. Do you think that's true?

GHERMAN: I think that's a broad statement and I wish that was cut down a bit more. There are a lot of things that college does that are great for this country. Education is so important. We can't just stop educating our youth. I think what people are boiling down to is the environment from which this education comes.

He says it boils down to bias on campus from the top down.

GHERMAN: Most Republicans don't feel safe to share their opinions on campus. They feel they're going to be alienated, be labeled misogynist, sexist, racist, etcetera, for having a different opinion.

So the main complaint is along ideological grounds - that colleges are too liberal and not accepting of conservative viewpoints.

People like “right winger” Ann Coulter was barred from speaking on some campuses.

But here's where the majority liberals and Conservatives all agreed in the Pew survey.

They all hate the national news media.