New buildings, new businesses. St. Petersburg is booming. Changes seemingly in every corner, on every street.

Except for 4,000 square feet. In an old warehouse that everyone, including time, forgot about.

"It's like a time capsule in here. Nothing has changed," said artist Gina Marie.

Gina bought the warehouse over a year ago but never really looked around inside - there wasn't enough room to make a pass through everything that has been collecting since the 1970s.

"Yeah, it's just slightly filled up," Gina said. "I have no idea what's in here, actually."

Recently selling the warehouse forced her to begin cleaning up and what she uncovered opened her eyes to the opportunity of what she had all along.

"I began going through boxes, and then you are just lost in time," Gina said.

Everything from classic cars that could be worth thousands of dollars, to bottles of Coca-Cola classic. Motorcycles and bicycles chests full of mystery and pictures of past lives.

"This is truly the most eclectic mix of stuff. There is no rhyme or reason to what's here," Gina said.

So she and her team are picking through the pieces. Different decades and eras are stacked up haphazardly throughout the warehouse.

"I almost feel a sense of responsibility to preserve that history," Gina said.

She will salvage what she can, saving some for herself or other artists, and selling some items.

10News will follow up to find out the what treasures were saved from the trash.