ST. PETERSBURG, FL -- Flying around like acrobats, Pinellas County Mosquito Control was spotted air larvaciding in north St. Pete.

Hopefully, adding relief to what seems like everyone getting bitten by mosquitos right now.

“When I take the breaks and there's standing water right here, you want to make sure you're not gonna get bit,” said local resident, Randy Gruber.

Gruber knows he needs to protect himself when biking, but even makes his teenage kids put on repellent when stepping outside.

“Well you know teenagers are more inside than outside these days, but when they do go out it's really important that you do make sure that they do cover themselves.”

“Terrible, the mosquitos are awful, I have to put OFF on every morning before I walk the dog,” said another local resident, Diane Miller.

Miller had hoped to go kayaking until more rain put a damper on the Saturday fun. She's another victim of this mosquito season.

“We're thinking about getting a company to come out and spray the backyard and stuff because it's all over so.”

What's worse – pest control company Orkin ranked the Tampa Bay area 11th out of the top 50 mosquito cities in the country.

The only Florida area ranked higher, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, where the CDC is still keeping a close watch on Zika.

“There's a lot of risk I think with the mosquitos out there and the Zika virus and other things that can be transmitted,” Gruber said.

So, now you know what comes next. Ways to ward off mosquitos:

- Clear any standing water near your home.
- Keep your pool chlorinated.
- Wear loose-fitting, long-sleeved shirts and long pants.
- And, use insect repellent.

Also, Pinellas County has a new online tool where you can search for mosquito hotspots and find out ways to prevent being bitten.