ID=8336301St. Petersburg, Florida -- A community wants action after a man was hit and killed on Gandy Boulevard. It happened as the victim was crossing from I.C. Sharks near the Getaway -- two popular spots just before the bridge. Residents are concerned and say you literally have to run for your life if you cross Gandy Boulevard on foot. Driving and parking are problematic, too.

Sadly fatal pedestrian accidents are nothing new on the busy stretch of road.

"One of the rescue workers tried to revive him for about five minutes, and when he stopped there was good reason to believe he didn't make it," said Jim Watson as he watched EMTs try to revive 57-year-old Billy Ray Sanders.

Sanders died at the scene.

Watson said, "Crossing this road [is] absolutely a hazard, terrible. Then you add alcohol to that -- no caution light, no crosswalk, no slow down ..."

Restaurant owners and managers say something needs to be done, fast.

Brian Storman at I.C. Sharks said, "A traffic light, cross walk, turn in lane -- that would be a great help. "

Karina Tashkin of The Getaway said, "We would hope the city would notice we might need some flashing lights for people crossing."

Business owners say they're hoping Florida Highway Patrol or the City of St. Petersburg will make the first move. The city said this topic is on their radar but no immediate action is planned.