ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Residents may start noticing heavier traffic in downtown St. Petersburg as construction is finally underway on the new Pier.

Crews are bringing in heavy equipment in hopes of finishing the project by January 2019.

Workers started putting in the new pilings last week. Pilings on the big concrete poles are placed and driven deep into the ground below the water. The base will eventually hold the pier structure viewers will see above water.

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Some had concerns the hammering would cause a significant amount of noise, but the city is taking precautions to keep that from happening.

“With the piles we've already driven, the noise isn't a lot,” said city architect Raul Quintana. “From anywhere along Beach Drive you may be hearing more like a tap, and we've noticed it's a straight-forward operation so currently, I don't anticipate there to be a whole lot {of noise}."

Once the pilings are in place, crews start building the actual pier structure on top.

The city has come up with a way for people to find out more about the pier, and ask questions with something called the Pier Beer Summer Series.

Each week, different breweries throughout the city will celebrate the Pier with specials and parties.

Schedule for Pier Beer Summer Series:

  • July 10 – 14, Pier Beer Night – July 11: 3 Daughters Brewing
  • July 17 – 21, Pier Beer Night – July 18: Green Bench Brewing
  • July 24 – 28, Pier Beer Night – July 25: Cycle Brewing
  • July 31 – Aug. 4, Pier Beer Night – Aug. 3: St. Pete Brewing
  • Aug. 7 – 11, Pier Beer Night – Aug. 8: Cage Brewing
  • Aug.14 – 18, Pier Beer Night – Aug. 15: Flying Boat Brewing
  • Aug. 21 – 25, Pier Beer Night – Aug. 22: Pinellas Ale Works

Click here for more information on the new St. Pete Pier website.