ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - St. Petersburg has landed on Outside Magazine’s list of 25 best towns in America.

The Sunshine City earning the publication's title for best paddling in the Gulf.

With the calm water, paddlers have no problem finding a place to launch their stand up paddleboard or kayak. The article, in this year’s July edition, specifically mentions the 3,100-acre Weedon Island Preserve, as a great place to explore.

“There is so much dolphin, there is a lot of manatee in that area and really it’s a gorgeous spot, it’s teaming with wildlife,” says Mike Conlee, who owns the stand-up paddleboard shop Urban Kai.

It’s not just the abundance of places to paddle that earned St. Petersburg the honor. A combination of having a great craft beer scene, delicious restaurants and its proximity to awesome beaches, helped seal the deal.