PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. -- A patrol deputy has been fired following an 'inappropriate' social media post.

Patrol deputy Austen Callus, 23, posted a photo of himself on the app Snapchat with the caption of "Nothing like almost shooting someone to set your head right lol. God I gate people with knives."

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said at an afternoon news conference said Callus had only been out of field training for three weeks.

He said the deputy had been going through "troubled times," had just broke up with his girlfriend and had been drinking frequently.

Gualtieri said there was no knife involved in the incident Callus had posted about, and there was no one to shoot. "There would have been no justification for it," the sheriff said.

"This isn't about social media," Gualtieri said. "This is about the statement."

The Administrative Investigation Division were contacted in regards to several questionable posts that Callus made on the Snapchat app Tuesday.

An investigation began and the division interviewed Callus about the incident. He admitted to posting the photo with the caption on Sunday.

Callus was put on administrative leave out of concern for safety and his guns and credentials were taken away.

Callus was fired officially Thursday,. He had been with the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office since November 28, 2016, and worked as the Patrol Operations Bureau as the deputy patrolling the North District.

Austen Callus Termination Redacted