ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Not all coffee is created equal.

Where it's grown, how it's processed and how it's brewed all alter its taste.

The St. Pete Coffee Tour is designed to celebrate different types of coffee, and teach you how a small difference can have a big impact on your cup of Joe.

Similar to a brewery or winery tour, a St. Pete Coffee Tours has you visit three different local coffee shops. Each stop will have different types of coffee drinks to taste and learn about. Whether it’s brewed with a certain type of coffee bean, a special brewing method or a coffee cocktail, each location offers a unique experience.

“Coffee used to be that, (it) used to be a utility beverage. Now it's something that people enjoy for its own benefit, for its complex flavors, aromas, taste," said St. Pete Coffee Tour founder Brendan Smith. "It's {kind of} elevated to be something people enjoy for its own sake."

Coffee tours aren't just for coffee lovers. Even a non-coffee drinkers can appreciate learning about the beverage millions of people want when they wake up in the morning.

Tours are $25 and are held most Saturdays. Visit to register.