Plant City, FL -- We’re glad to have helped. Recently, in one Plant City community, they were left wondering how long it takes to fill a hole in the ground.

Specifically, a hole in the street that had gotten so bad, emergency vehicles would pass over it, and yellow warning tape had to be put around it.

It had been seven months and counting until they called 10News WTSP, and we got results for frustrated neighbors who had all but given up hope.

“The ball was not rolling. Believe me,” said Carol Greco.

For seven long months, Greco and her neighbors living at the Meadows community in Plant City say property managers promised them the hole on their street would be fixed.

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“We were being told we'll get it next week. We'll get it next week,” said neighbor Dorothy Chutter.

But as the void under the asphalt continued to grow, so did their frustration.

Finally, when it got too dangerous for heavy emergency vehicles to drive down the street, neighbors ran out of patience.

Within hours of us contacting the community's owner, Equity Lifestyle Properties, it assured us it would fix the hole. And on Thursday, the company was making good on that promise.

Work crews fill a hole in a road in the Meadows development in Plant City. WTSP photo

“That's what we needed,” said Greco. “We needed somebody to help us get it done. And you guys helped us get it done. Which is great.”

The people who live at Meadows say in their opinion the timing of the repair was not a coincidence.

“If you guys hadn't gotten involved with that, I don't know when they would've gotten around to it,” said George Chutter, whose front yard bordered the hole.

“Channel 10 did a good thing coming out here on the dot and got things rolling,” said Chutter’s wife, Dorothy.

We asked the contractor how long it would be before the cement would dry and people could start using the road again.

Property managers said it would probably be this coming Monday.

Grateful neighbors weren't shy about showing their appreciation.

“You call Channel 10. They will get it going for you,” said George Chutter.

“You have a problem, call Channel 10, have them come out and talk to you, and get it on the air,” added Greco, “Because things move. Things get done.”

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