You've likely seen motorcycles speeding by you on Bay area roads. 

Police say reckless driving at 100 miles an hour just landed four bikers in trouble with officers.

Clearwater Police arrested Matthew Walters and Vida Sattakeh for reckless driving and cited Damir Huseljic and Denis Kikic.

Officers say they’re cracking down on the wild rides to help keep you safe.

“I think it's dangerous.  I think it's stupid,” says driver Julie Underhill.

“When you hear it whizz past you, you're like where did that come from?  And they're gone in a second,” says driver Chas Bauer.

Drivers say they can't help but notice some bikers behaving badly on Bay area roads.

“They’re weaving in-and-out of traffic, popping wheelies, it's just scary.  I've even seen them standing up on their seats.  It’s very frightening,” says Underhill.

It's a problem 10News has been exposing the past year.

“It's frustrating.  We see this every day,” says Clearwater Police Officer David Nugent with the Traffic Enforcement Team.

The department is stepping up enforcement to cut down on dangerous speeding and deadly wrecks because of it.
“When you see someone who drives in this manner, repeatedly go out there and get cited and arrested, goes out and gets cited and arrested again.  What else can we do,” says Officer Nugent.

Officers will keep stopping them.  Police insist they do not chase the bikers.  They say they caught up with the 4 bikers off Courtney Campbell Causeway after they had already slowed down and pulled over on their own.

“We do not chase these motorcycles.  If we’re chasing a motorcycle and that results in someone getting killed or injured, then we're doing exactly what we're trying to avoid.  We’ll wait for them to stop.  Sometimes we’ll just show up and surprise them,” says Officer Nugent.

Between the four bikers, Walters, Sattakeh, Huseljic and Kikic, records show they have at least 56 tickets and arrests just in Pinellas County for careless driving, speeding, DUI, driving without a license, driving the wrong way and careless driving.  The DMV says Sattakeh’s license is suspended.  Officers arrested her this time for resisting arrest, marijuana, and her third reckless driving charge.

“If you do something that stupid, we shouldn't have to pay for your long-term care, if you have a head injury.  I think it's dangerous and we need to outlaw it,” says Underhill.

“I don't think they're ever going to get the message, until some tragedy occurs.  We don't want that to happen,” says Officer Nugent.

One of the bikers tells 10News that they weren't speeding and insists the riding of some motorcyclists shouldn't give them all a bad reputation.