MANATEE COUNTY -- A man is behind bars after police say he fatally shot a woman at his house while she was looking for her dog.

Manatee Sheriff's Office says Rebecca Dawson, 65, her daughter and brother-in-law went to a home in the 12000 block of Pritchart Road in Parrish to retrieve her dog named Bart. The brother-in-law, Rodney Rawson went to the front door and knocked. A woman named Juanita Sills, who lives at the home, answered the door and Rodney began calling for the dog.

The dog came to the front door and he took the dog back to the vehicle. The suspect, identified as Eugene F. Matthew, opened the door and fired a handgun into the air twice. He then began firing at the vehicle with one round entering through the front windshield striking Rebecca who was seated in the driver's seat. The vehicle began to back up and crashed.

She was transported to the hospital where she died.

Police say Matthews and the dog's owner were really good friends and he had the dog after Rebecca's husband died. Police say they discussed Matthews keeping the dog, but the family of the dog's owner wanted the dog back.

Matthews has been taken into custody and is facing 2nd degree murder charges.

It's unclear of the relationship between the Rawson family and Matthews, but authorities say they are acquaintances.

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