LAKELAND, Fla. -- The Polk County Sheriff's Office said deputies fatally shot an armed man Thursday evening.

About 6:30 p.m., deputies were called to 2938 Del Rose Drive North where an 75-year-old woman reported her son, 53-year-old Jonathan Pacuicrk, was acting erratically, Sheriff Grady Judd said. When deputies Lee Smith and Bernardo Del Valle arrived, she met them out front.

She told the deputies she had asked her son to help her push her car into the backyard. He got angry but said he would help. He tried, but it wouldn't move. He became very angry and went inside the house.

She said she followed him inside, and he went into his bedroom and locked the door. She told him through the locked door that she wanted him to leave. She then decided to call deputies due to his state of anger and refusal to talk to her. She told them there was a gun in the room.

The deputies went into the house, but then they heard gunshots outside. They went outside to find Pacuicrk wrestling with his brother. Deputies told them to stop, the brother got up, but Pacuicrk pointed the gun at the deputies, who opened fire and shot him.

The deputies called for medical help and began emergency care, but he died at the scene, Judd said.

Pacuicrk's brother told deputies his older brother had come outside with two guns, and as he passed his brother he told her he was "going to kill Mom," Judd said. The brother tackled Pacuicrk, but he managed to fire the gun, and the shots hit her in both legs.

Pacuicrk's mother was able to get into a car for safety. Judd said she was taken to a local hospital in stable condition and is expected to recover.

Smith and Del Valle, who have both been with the agency since January 2015, have been put on paid administrative leave as the case is investigated, Judd said.