LAKE WALES, Fla. -- Police are still searching for two men who killed a clerk at a convenience store overnight. The shooting happened at the QP gas station in Lake Wales.

“Pop, pop, pop. That's the only thing I heard,” James Frazier said, describing the gun shots.

What he heard, but couldn’t see, was caught on surveillance video. A gas station employee was leaving for the night when two people in hoodies came up to him. You can only see one of them in the first video.

Police said the suspects demanded he give them his pants and after he did, just out of frame, he was shot. Another angle shows both suspects running away.

Hours later Frazier learned Mohamed Allam, the friendly clerk at the convenience store, had been killed.

“My heart is heavy this morning, because he was a friend,” Frazier said.

Allam's friends said they can't imagine why he'd be the target of this shooting, other than the fact that he might have money on him. Investigators said he didn't have a deposit from the convenience store, just whatever was in his pockets.

“It's very concerning over the fact that really all that they got was this man's personal property,” Deputy Chief Troy Schulze of the Lake Wales Police Department said. “And the fact that they were willing to take somebody's life over something as simple as a pair of pants and what he may have in those pants is alarming.”

As detectives went through the scene, stunned friends like Frazier watched on.

“I hope they catch the people who did it, because the community won't be safe until they do,” Frazier said.

Officers are patrolling that area heavily and going door to door looking for the suspects. If you recognize either of the people in the video, the Lake Wales police department would like to hear from you. Contact Det. Aubrey Davis at 863-678-4223, ext. 276 or leave an anonymous tip with Heartland Crime Stoppers at 800-226-8477 or online. A $3,000 reward is being offered for information in the case.