You could win a brand new car just for being involved in your in your kid's education.

The Polk County School District is partnering with Jarrett-Gordon Ford and CenterState Bank to reward one parent at the end of the next school year. At a press conference announcing the partnership, the superintendent, as well as several principals, stressed how important parent involvement is to a student's success.

“It doesn't matter where our kids begin. It matters where they end up,” Julie Grice, principal of Lake Alfred Polytech Academy, said.

“We can make a difference with our kids, and we will make a difference with each and every child.”

To be eligible for the top prize, your child has to go to one of Polk County's 20 low-performing schools. Parents must attend parent workshops and conferences, and volunteer at the school.

The winner will get a new Ford Fusion and $1,000. Second- and third-place winners each win $2,000.