SUN CITY CENTER, Fla. — In his first extended interview after the election, Mr. Trump is now hedging some of his tried and true campaign promises.

10News has been coming to Sun City Center -- a Hillsborough County Republican stronghold (and home of golf carts) -- since before the election began talking to President-elect Donald Trump supporters.

We wanted to know what they had to say about the two types of Donald Trump we're seeing now -- the one on the campaign trail who wanted a full repeal and replacement of Obamacare and the one we're seeing now.

60 Minutes' Lesley Stahl sat with Mr. Trump about where he stands on some of his campaign promises.

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Lesley Stahl: When you replace it [Obamacare] are you going to make sure that people with preexisting conditions are still covered?

MR. TRUMP: Yes because it happens to be one of the strongest assets; also for the children living with their parents for an extended period. We're going to very much try to keep that.

Mr. Trump said on the campaign trail he wanted to prosecute Hillary Clinton over her email controversy.

STAHL: A special prosecutor?

MR. TRUMP: I don't want to hurt them. I don't want to hurt them. They're good people. I don't want to hurt them.
And President-Elect Trump said he wanted a deportation force and a massive border wall with Mexico... but now?

STAHL: They’re talking about a fence in the Republican congress. Would you accept a fence?

MR. TRUMP: For certain areas I would. But certain areas a wall is more appropriate. I'm very good at this. It's called construction.

STAHL: So part wall, part fence?

TRUMP: Yeah. It could be some fencing.

So what do his supporters think of these changes so soon after the election?

“I don't think any one person can absolutely run the country. It takes a full team,” said Evalynne Lohne.
It looks like the name of the game now is compromise.

“He's realizing that yeah, I'm gonna have to... you can't all be my way,” said Vicky Nicks. “It can't be everything that I want. That we have to truly work together.”

“He was so adamant about his future plans, but I think every candidate does that,” said Shirley Chaban. “They're going to say what people want to hear.”

And if he can't deliver some Sun City Center area residents say that’s nothing new.

“Business as usual. None of them can completely come through with what they say,”

"They've got Congress and the Senate and everybody else to deal with it. Presidents can't just snap their fingers, wave a magic wand and everything's peachy keen, hunky dory. All that crap. Don't work that way,” said one man as he walked in front of our cameras on the way to his car.


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