ST. PETERSBURG — I know you've either seen or heard about this tweet.

It's one that President Donald Trump is facing criticism over from both sides of the aisle.

The tweet shows President Trump body slamming and punching a person with with a CNN logo over his face.

And it was tweeted from the official account of the President of the United States.

Some are saying this is juvenile, that it encourages violence toward journalists, that it's not what you'd expect to see from a President.

But President Trump is changing everything.

“I'm going to be very restrained if I use it at all,” Trump said, talking about using Twitter during his first sit-down interview after being elected President.

"Restrained if I use it at all."

"Restrained if I use it at all."

You can't call President Trump's Twitter use restrained. And he's definitely using it almost every day.

So 10News asked an expert - political scientist Susan MacManus - is what President Trump is doing with Twitter nearly every day... is that presidential?

“This idea of what is presidential, how is that going to change or has that changed?” 10News asked.

“I harken back to when Bill Clinton ran and he was on some of these entertainment shows and play the saxophone and people then said this is not presidential,” USF political scientist Dr. Susan MacManus said. “But cultural norms change, technology changes, people's forms of communication change, and by the way so does our interest level. New is always intriguing to Americans.”

Here's the thing - while the form of communication has changed, the fact that President Trump is hurling insults, accusations and vulgarities on a regular basis is something we've never seen before.