GIBSONTON-- Saying goodbye with one last ride.Sunday, tow truck drivers gathered to pay respects to a fellow driver hit and killed by a drunk driver.

Dozens of them lined up their vehicles for a procession to honor their fallen brother, Troy McGuire. They took a ride south on I-75, passing where he was working when he was killed.

During the early morning hours of Oct. 9, McGuire was towing a vehicle when a man under the influence slammed into him.

Those who knew him are still coping with the accident they say was 100 percent preventable.

“He was a really good guy. You could be in a bad mood and he would not stop until he saw a smile on your face,” said Joshua Grizzle, who worked with McGuire at Sunpoint Towing.

“It’s hard, I won’t lie. It's hard.”

The drivers also promoted the Move Over/lSlow Down law as well as the Don’t Drink and Drive movement.