If you've driven on or even near the Lee Roy Selmon Expressway recently, you've probably noticed a lot of activity. Big changes are on the way.

This week construction crews are busy underneath the Selmon Expressway. Ripping out old plants and pavement and replacing it with newly-designed green spaces called pocket parks.

"Between now the end of the year, the green belt is getting a 2 million dollar facelift. Creating what will eventually be a prettier pathway between the waterfront and downtown." says Sue Chrzan, the Expressway spokesperson.

But the question that has people asking is who's going to pay for it?

Just two years ago, a similar $1.9 million project created the Greenway using a federal grant. Some of that-- now being ripped out and replaced. This time, it's not tax dollars but tolls funding the project.

Meanwhile, plenty of signs this week of what's soon to be above. Work on the new elevated Selmon extension along Gandy Boulevard is underway-- Markers in the medians and drillers taking soil samples.

But expect to see heavy equipment they say, by year's end. About the same time they're wrapping up work on nine of those pocket parks between Tampa's Riverwalk and Ybor city.