TAMPA, Fla. — At Tampa International Airport protesters gathered Friday afternoon to shout their disapproval for President Trump’s travel ban.

A large group of people showed up, but protesters say the airport would only allow 25 protesters to gather at one time. Most those participating say they aren’t affected by the ban, but feel for those who are.

Aida Mackic is with the Council for American-Islamic Relations and says the Trump administration’s travel ban is discriminating against people of her faith.

“This is absolutely a Muslim ban. If you focus on those countries then you are singling a people out.

In doing so you’re isolating a community within the U.S., meaning Muslims,” said Mackic.

Others disagree with how the ban defines immediate family and could impact grandparents trying to visit family in the U.S.

“Grandparents are some of the most important people in the family," said one of the protesters. "I can’t believe they would ban grandparents. That’s the focal point of the family.”

For those here, they feel the travel ban does less to keep Americans safe and more to separate families who just want to be together.

“It’s very sad," the protester said. "As a family we are all interconnected. When someone is not there it is like a piece of us is missing.”