It's the song that fills every Puerto Rican's heart with pride, and one family got to sing “Preciosa” together in the mainland after going through Hurricane Maria.

“It's a blessing,” Araceli Joseph says. She arrived in Tampa from Yabucoa, Puerto Rico, where she still doesn't have electricity.

“It had been a long time since we got to sleep with air conditioning,” she said through an interpreter.

But the bigger perk was seeing her grandson for the first time since he was born...

The hugs continued as the family got together to give thanks for what they still have -- each other.

“Basically I thank Maria because now all my family is here.”

Yanira Navarro welcomed her parents and her grandfather after very tough days on the island.

“Now you have to go and get the water. You have to do everything early before it's nighttime. We went back to our great-grandparents era.”

The lack of power, water, and supplies was taking a toll...

“I started getting very sick, tired,” Julio Navarro said. “And then my daughter said, 'Come over to Tampa, I'll take care of you.’"

Julio had to be rushed to the hospital. And then the family was evacuated when it flooded.
Thanksgiving night, he was dancing and celebrating his birthday.

They're not planning on staying in Tampa...

They're recharging, says Julio Navarro, building up the energy to go back to the island.

That's why his daughter wanted to make Thanksgiving night their night.

“The situation the people passed there in Maria, I just do this to bring some peace (and) happiness, trying to forget what happened in Puerto Rico.”

What they won't forget are these moments of quality time together.