ORLANDO — We know your hearts have been pouring out to the victims of the Pulse shooting.

Today we are hearing first hand from the survivors of that horrific night.

One of those courageous survivors is Angel Santiago. He spoke with reporters seated in his hospital bed.
He's still recovering from the injuries the gunman inflicted.

Angel hid in the bathroom handicap stall, heard the gunshots coming closer, smelled gunfire in the ammo in the air, until the gunman walked in and shot Angel, his friend, and many others.

“I was bleeding. My friend Jeff was bleeding a lot. I was on the ground in a pool of blood,” Santiago said. “I wasn't sure who’s it was, but I felt like pretty sure it was my friend Jeff. Because he was hit right around here, I could see a bullet hole right here,” Santiago went on, pointing to his chest.

“He was sweating, just overall looked really weak and in bad condition. And my thought was, ‘do we stay here and wait for the shooter to come back, or do we leave?’”

Santiago was pulled out by SWAT team members and rushed to the hospital, shot in his foot and knee.

Today he says Pulse was a safe space that was brutally violated.

“Going to a club like Pulse, it's kind of like a safe haven. Because you can't go to any old bar and be who you are, because there's hate everywhere,” he said. “So when you go to a club like Pulse, it's not so you can be promiscuous. It's because this is your safe zone. I'm just, uh, grateful to be alive because after seeing what occurred, I'm not even sure how I'm alive today.”

Santiago is one of many survivors.

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