You have never seen Raymond James Stadium like this before. This weekend the stadium will take on a whole new look.

The 100-yard field is still in place – just with nine golf holes spread out around the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ home grass.

Thanks to a company called StadiumLinks, golfers will get the chance to hit shots from multiple locations around Raymond James Stadium to target “greens” on the playing field. Each tee box gives players a completely unique golf shot.

The nine holes span a variety of distances, angles, and elevations. Complimentary golf clubs are provided at each of the tee boxes.

Scores are generated based on the proximity of your ball from the hole on each shot. Hit your shot close to the flag located inside a painted ring and you’ll score a birdie. Land on the green, but outside of the birdie ring, and your score is a par. Miss the green and you earn a bogey. Shank a ball into the stands and, as the StadiumLinks website describes it, “it will go down as the most memorable double bogey of your life!”

The in-stadium golf experience is new to Tampa Bay but StadiumLinks has taken its traveling golf experience around the country. Courses will be set up inside Washington D.C., San Francisco and Los Angeles stadiums in the next six weeks.

The Raymond James StadiumLinks experience will be in Tampa from Friday through Sunday. The cost is $85 per player and reservations are required. Organizers suggest arriving 30 minutes before your tee time.