ST. PETERSBURG — The spin on this is **almost** right down party lines.

You have Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff - he's on the House Intelligence Committee saying Comey's testimony confirms troubling allegations about the President's conduct.

Then you have the top Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee Richard Burr saying, nothing wrong here adding to a reporter, "I don't think it's wrong to ask for loyalty from anybody inside the administration."

The GOP even went the hip route with a meme.

"Trying to find something of substance in Comey's opening statement like..."

But I say **almost** down party lines because of what Sen. John McCain -- a Republican -- told a Bloomberg reporter.

"Just as I suspected, I think there's going to be many shoes to drop before this one is over."

But one question that's relevant and hits close to home - what's Marco Rubio going to do tomorrow?

He's one of Florida's two senators.

He just got re-elected. Rubio's been quiet on Twitter tonight after grilling intelligence officials today over all of this.

Let me put this into perspective. It will be a year ago Friday Rubio said he stood by his statements when he was running for the Republican nomination.

That includes the one where he said President Trump shouldn't be trusted with the nuclear codes and that Trump is dangerous.

Since then he's softened his stance but today said the American people deserve to know if Comey's comments are true. If they're not, it's unfair to the president.