Hurricane Irma was no fun – and no one wants to think about hurricanes right now.

But let me help you out.

Here's an easy New Year's resolution that you can knock out of the park this year.

Do a little hurricane prep – now.

Sometime in the next month or two – check one or two items off your list so you're not doing it at that last minute.

Remember scrambling to find plywood for your windows? Next time you're at the hardware store – pick up a few pieces.

Remember when all the stores ran out of water and other supplies? Grab a few now and set them aside.

Now is the time to get that crank powered radio – or to make sure your important documents are all in one place.

Do yourself a favor – in fact – do us all a favor – and do a little prep now.

Hurricane season starts June 1 – that's six months away – and you know as well as I do – it's going to be here before we know it.