Jose Sotero Martinez says he was having a perfect day before he drove up on a chaotic scene

"I see hm, he was in boxers, no socks, no shoes, no nothing.  I said something's not right."

Martinez watched as the erratic driver threw his truck into reverse, slamming into a Pasco County deputy's cruiser.

"When you're in situations like that you have to act quick," Martinzez said, and he knows. As a retired cop from Puerto Rico, he's been in situations like this himself.

It's the instinct the training that kicked in.

Bodycam video shows Martinez jumping into assist the deputy.

Was the deputy happy to see him?

"He was like, 'oh yeah… thank you.'

Martinez next turned his attention to several small children who jumped out of the suspect's vehicle shortly before it crashed.

"I give all glory to God because he always put you in the right place at the right moment."

Martinez encourages others to help where they can.

And while he doesn't enjoy seeing situations like these…

"If it ever happens again and I have the opportunity to help another officer, I would do it with no hesitation … no hesitation."