Some construction that was supposed to fix a sewage line has created a whole new problem.

Not long after crews finished that work along Wabash Street in Bartow, the road sank about a foot. Now, it's going to cost up to $200,000 for the city to fix it.

A portion of the street has been closed for about a month. Neighbors are getting fed up because it takes them longer to drive around the intersection.

The city is racing against the clock. The construction is right next to a school, and students will be back in less than a month.

“Things don't always go as we plan,” Public Works Director Russell Martin said. “We do the best we can. We hire good, qualified contractors, but in construction, sometimes things just don't got the way you want.”

Martin said they're hoping to start repairs in the next week. He said if everything goes according to plan this time, they'll have it done well before the beginning of the school year.