BRADENTON, Fla. -- One of the hottest political issues of the day is still FBI Director James Comey's letter to Congress about the agency looking into more Hillary Clinton emails.

Although Comey is under fire from several elected officials for his "October surprise," Sen. Marco Rubio is standing by the FBI director.

Rubio told 10 News WTSP, “Director Comey understands there is congressional oversight over the FBI and he was responding to a house question for the committee that has oversight jurisdiction over the FBI he was doing what he was supposed to do.”

Rubio adds he completely supports Comey: “I supported him when he people were attacking him in the past. I have always found director Comey to be very professional with the war he conducts his affairs at the FBI."

The Florida senator campaigned in Bradenton on Tuesday afternoon, and earlier in the day he was in Lakeland and then headed to Charlotte County.

Rubio, who admits it is a tight race for his Senate seat against Democrat Patrick Murphy, says it was God's will he wouldn't be president and he is proud of his decision to change his mind and run for re-election.