SARASOTA, Fla. -- Imagine your family growing from two to six within minutes. A Sarasota couple is now the proud parents of healthy quadruplets.

Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby, oh baby! Their names: Harrison, Preston, Jackson and Lila Corcoran.  

Weighing between 2.8 and 3.6 pounds 4 healthy naturally conceived quadruplets born 9 weeks early on March 28th.

What do they think it will be like to raise quads?

“Exciting! A lot of laughs, a lot of tears from them and us. We feel blessed we get to raise 4 beautiful healthy babies…be an exciting journey,” says Amanda.

 A journey that started 6 months ago for the Englewood couple from South Sarasota County.

Amanda says, “We went in for our first sonogram and they kept counting heartbeats. One minute we were parents of twins, within five minutes parents of triplets, then they counted the fourth heartbeat.”

And multiple births don’t run in either family.

“She had multiple ovulation eggs and he took up on the challenge (laughs),” says Dr. Felice Barron, Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

How rare are naturally conceived quadruplets? Barron says around one in 700-thousand births. This is the second set of naturally conceived quadruplets at SMH.

Kyle Corcoran says having quads was the best news they could have received. He says, “Tears of joy, very happy, happy they're finally here.”

Sarasota Memorial Hospital staff dubbed the delivery team the 'Quad Squad'.

Dr. Michael Schroder with Sarasota Memorial Hospital delivered the four siblings. He says, “As I was delivering the fourth baby, we had three babies lying on the table still attached to the placenta.”

Through it all, Kyle was right by Amanda’s side. “I was sitting at the head, rubbing her head, giving her support, telling her I love her and how proud I was of her,” recalls Kyle.

The most emotional moment for Amanda---when she heard her first child, Harrison, cry. “To hear him cry and then hear his siblings cry I didn’t have to see them to know they were okay,” she said.

Kyle’s most emotional moment was when he held his children. He says, “Surreal feeling to feel the baby on your chest fall asleep on you, to hold this human being …amazing feeling, the best moment.”

The babies are in the neonatal unit.

“Everyone here made it feel like our second home,” says Amanda.

They should all be home by the end of May.

How ready are the Corcoran’s to bring all the babies home? Amanda says, “You can’t be ready, there's no way to prepare to bring home four babies.”

The newborns are the couple’s first children. “And last we’re capping it off at four,” says Amanda.

The couple has moved in with Amanda's parents and they will be helping out.

She says the next most emotional moment of her life will be when they all graduate from high school and leave home for college.