Sarasota, Florida -- A professional Sarasota golfer is being credited with starting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that has exploded around the world.

The stunt to support Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis chapters has flooded Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

A bucket of ice and a challenge from his swing coach in mid-July is what started this social media phenomenon.

"My wife and I are what in the world did we just start," said Chris Kennedy.

His Ice Bucket Challenge is reported to be the first connected to ALS for his wife's cousin, Anthony Senerchia, in New York, who has battled ALS for 11 years. Chris Kennedy challenged three people, and then they challenged three people and so on.

"It spread like wildfire through the town through their family and after a week we received 300 to 400 videos of people in New York," said Chris Kennedy.

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Chris's wife set up a YouTube Channel for Senerchia to watch the videos at home.

"It's nice it keeps him going let him know people are thinking about him and supporting him raising awareness for this terrible disease," said Chris Kennedy.

Kennedy's video helped launch 1.2 million video postings on line from famous people such as former President George W. Bush to famous athletes.

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And some ice bucket challenges are famous for not going off as planned.

Chris' Kennedy's favorite challenges are the ones done by those living with ALS, including his wife's cousin, Anthony.

"I take the challenge in honor of all of you," reads Anthony's wife, Jeannette.

"I don't think I'm the one changing all these lives those people donating, doing these challenge and giving the money they are changing these people's lives," said Chris Kennedy.

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A reported $31.5 million has been raised for the national ALS foundation since the Ice Bucket Challenge began on July 29 versus $1.9 million in 2012.

To keep donations in a preferred state, people taking the challenge need to write that state's name on the memo portion of the check. Otherwise, the money goes to the national chapter.

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