SARASOTA, Fla. - The Waze app is known to help drivers get to where they want to go faster, but sometimes that means cutting through neighborhoods.

Some suburban communities would rather have the app forget their neighborhood.

“They’re breezing when they come across this bend here. It can be pretty dangerous!” said Joe Kennedy, who has lived on Village Green Drive for nine years.

He loves where he lives - except for the traffic.

“They’re using it as a big cut through from Beneva to Bee Ridge to get around," he said. "It’s a mess sometimes we’re walking our dogs we had to jump on the curve out of the street.”

The traffic has made it risky for Kathy Holman to go on her walks.

“There are no sidewalks," she said. "I’ve noticed there is a lot of traffic; When I see cars I get off into the grass. As long as cars are going the speed limit, I think 25 here.”

But some vehicles travel as fast as 50 mph, said Kennedy,who added that while deputies can enforce the speed limit but they can't stop the traffic from driving through the area.

Some neighborhoods across the country have erected "No Through Traffic" signs. Those areas are removed from the Waze app.

"We can’t prohibit drivers from using county roads so we don’t post “no through traffic” signs,” said Sarasota County spokesperson Jason Bartolone.

Kennedy believes his neighborhood should not serve as a cut through for traffic.

"These are not through streets, not designed as a through street," he said.