SARASOTA -- A man is behind bars facing several charges after he passed out at the wheel with a toddler next to him, police say.

According to WWSB in Sarasota, 28-year-old Winston Foulks' car was stopped in the middle of turning lane still in drive with his foot on the brake. A woman behind him noticed him passed out and a toddler in the front seat. She immediately called 911.

Cell phone video captured the scene and shows the car in the middle of the road with traffic flowing on each sides. The child is seen in the front seat trying to wake Foulks up.

When Sarasota Police arrived on scene, they say Foulks' pupils were dialted and his speech was slurred. They also mentioned there was a strong smell of alcohol in the car.

The good samaritan, identified as Kristen Andrews says, "I'm just glad I was there at the right time to see because who knows how long they're were sitting there. And, the baby started to move the tires at that point, you could see him hitting his dad or who ever it was with the cell phone," said Andrews.