Sarasota, Florida-The same company known for its energy-saving electric cars is now using its technology to help power homes.

A solar panel energy company in Sarasota is using Tesla’s battery that stores solar energy as a backup for solar panels and or outage situations. The battery acts like a generator but without fuel.

Brilliant Harvest in Sarasota is one of a few Tesla Energy Certified Installers in Florida.

The sleek futuristic battery called a Powerwall is installed in the garage. The installation along with the solar panels takes about two weeks. The price? It’s not cheap-- between $8,500 and $11,500.

The sun it’s a source of energy but what happens on a cloudy day or worse a storm knocks out power.

“We’ll have power… This system is a powerful system,” says George Colliard. He and his wife Rusty are storing solar energy from their home’s 62 solar panels here in the Tesla Powerwall Home Battery.

“It’s running right now,” says Colliard. He says, “Can’t hear anything.”

The Powerwall batteries are slick and slim and each weighs 250 pounds.

“You get a nice sunny day like today the solar panels recharge the battery all day long,” says Bill Johnson, President of Brilliant Harvest.

Each battery provides more than 6-kilowatt hours of power and the Colliards have 4. The couple spent 100-thouand dollars on solar panels and the powerwall batteries but will pay 70-thousand dollars after a 30% tax break incentive.

Colliard says, “Alarm system can work in an emergency. We can cook, wash clothes take warm showers.”

And it even runs the air conditioner.

Johnson says, “It’s like an insurance policy providing energy security to homeowners or to small business owners.”

Johnson’s company is one of two statewide certified by Tesla as installers.

He says, “We found Tesla has the best technology, best price.”

Each battery’s circuit breaker is customized to a customer’s needs. Colliard says between the batteries and solar panels there’s enough energy produced for them to run everything in their home and still get a credit from FPL.

Rusty Colliard says, “This month’s bill $8.55 usually runs 250, 300 or a bit more.”

The batteries are a big investment up front says Johnson. They start at $8,500.

But the Colliards say the payoff is priceless. George Colliard says, “We have peace of mind.”

The company says the solar battery backup is better than a traditional generator, there's no diesel or propane fuel needed or maintenance.