SARASOTA, Fla. - County commissioners spent hours listening to residents sound off on plans for a recycling plant near Celery Fields, which includes a bird sanctuary and restored wetlands.

“Great for training don’t have a lot of hills here,” said Jonell Dreznin, a 39-year-old triathlete. “It’s quiet, beautiful views, nature. People come here go bird watching."

Dreznin worries a recycling plant will change that.

“I think it’s an atrocious idea," she said.

Dreznin's opinion was shared with hundreds of others who turned out for the eight hour public hearing.

Their top complaints include noise, traffic and pollution.

“The boundaries getting more blurred between nature and development," said Suzanne Atwell, a former Sarasota city commissioner.

Rob Roynak said the project goes against what commissioners should stand for.

“The job of the commission is to determine the highest and best use of this parcel, to protect this community’s interests and property values," he said. "This proposed project I believe fails on all three.”

Some residents suggested turning the land into a park and wildlife habitat, something Dreznin agreed with.

“Leave it alone…leave it alone around here," she said. "Don’t mess with it it’s beautiful!”