Sarasota, Florida-When the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus performed its final show last month after nearly 150 years many thought the circus was gone forever.

Artists are continuing the circus tradition deeply rooted in Sarasota history.

One of Sarasota's own performers and famous clown Bello Nock is leading the way. Bello is used to doing things big really big

Bello says, “From a guy who’s done big in a big way…16 Guinness Book of World Records…famous for hanging underneath a helicopter over Sarasota on a trapeze.”

Performing at the Ringling Museum’s Historic Asolo Theatre for the comic daredevil clown. “Is truly a dream come true,” says Bello.

It’s an 18th-century theater dismantled and rebuilt it sits less than 300.

Bello says, “The hardest challenge I’ve ever had this right here. How big can you do a show in one hour’s time; how big action paced can you make it; how diverse can you make it singing, dancing, magic, illusion, stunts…the arts all jammed pack in this gem of a theater over 200 years old.”

Bellow describes his show called “IncrediBello” as the next generation in cutting edge live circus performance. Bello is a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey alum. That circus’s last performance was last month.

“The circus is alive and well. It has to be ever changing and never changing at the same time. Find out what the audience wants to see. They vote when they buy a ticket,” says Bello.

To perform at Asolo Bello had to scale down his equipment. He’s replaced his family’s famous outdoor sway pole with this. “This is a swing pole something I designed built created specifically for this first time used is here,” says Bello.

His daughter AnnaLiese joins him she’s a world record holder too. There are other Ringling alumni performing during the 6-week long show.

Bello says, “4 generations can come be inspired, 4 generations can be in awe all at the same time. No one will be rolling their eyes, everyone will be sitting on the edge of their seat.”

The show is a partnership between The Ringling Museum and Feld Entertainment--they owned Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

The "IncrediBello" runs from June 13 through July 29, two shows a day 5 days a week.