Tammy Kelly came home from the hospital with no equipment. She's a quadriplegic and turned to Saving Our Seniors for help.

"If I didn't have them, I wouldn't have a life," Kelly said. "You know when you can't afford something and somebody like her steps in and gives it to you it changes your life."

After applying online and submitting proof of income, Kelli Casto, the creator of the nonprofit, showed up with what she needed.

"Within five days, items will be delivered to your house," Casto said.

Casto is an occupational therapist who saw a common problem.

"I really saw that there was a need for equipment for seniors, especially those who can't afford it. If we don't have the item, we will buy it up to $200 per senior," Casto said.

So she created Saving Our Seniors and collects gently used medical equipment, stores them in a warehouse and delivers them to those in need.

People just need to apply at Savingourseniors.care/ or call (727) 537-6753.

It's donation based upon your income, so you only pay what you can. But for those unable to pay, they will still provide equipment.

Casto relies on donations to pay for items but also pays out of pocket. Right now, she has too much equipment and no one to give it to. She hopes more people will take advantage of this local resource. So far she's helped over 100 people in Pinellas County.

Casto says she does it to help seniors be more independent.