ST. PETERSBURG, Florida— Staff members at Melrose Elementary School have enough on their plates cleaning up after Hurricane Irma, but now they’ll also be recovering after the burglary of their school while the campus was closed due to the storm.

St. Petersburg Police were notified about a break-in at the school around 1:15 Thursday morning. Officers responded to the empty campus located at 1752 13th Avenue South and found evidence someone had broken in.

Investigators aren’t yet sure when the burglary occurred but say it was definitely while the school was closed in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Police are also still working to determine how much was taken and are waiting on an inventory from the Pinellas County School district.

Melrose Elementary School is home to the Center for Journalism and Multimedia.

10News will have more on how you can help the school recover from the break-in as we receive more information.